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Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM)
International Journal of Web Application (IJWA)


International Journal of Web Applications

Current Issue
Volume: 8 , Issue: 1 (March 2016)
Editorial Full Text
Health Knowledge Insufficiency Motivates Health Information Seeking-
Fen-Fen Huang, Yi-Horng Lai, Chih-Hsiang Lin, Hsieh-Hua Yang
     Abstract | | Full Text (PDF,36KB)

Pseudo-Relevance Feedback Method based on the Cross Product of Irrelevant Documents-
Rabeb Mbarek, Mohamed Tmar, Hawete Hattab, Mohand Boughanem-
Page: 8-15
     Abstract | | Full Text (PDF, 116KB)

Association rules-based Ontology Enrichment-
RihabIdoudi, KarimSahebEttabaa, Basel Solaiman, KamelHamrouni, NajlaMnif
Page: 16-25
     Abstract | | Full Text (PDF324KB)

Book Review
Advanced Data Management, Lena Wiese. De Gruyter(2015).ISBN 978-3-11-044140-6
Conference Notification

• First International Conference on Real Time Intelligent Systems (RTIS 2016) Taiyuan, China
• The Seventh International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies (ICADIWT 2016)
• Fifth International Conference on the Future Generation Communication Technologies (FGCT 2016)
• Sixth International Conference on Innovating Computing Technology (INTECH 2016)

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