Editorial Services

1. Writing and Presentation including Language Polishing.

Our native English speakers will help the authors to rewrite the content, improve the language and presentation. It is essential that the content should be optimized in a scientific way free from errors and language corrections. Even if your English is free from any language errors, the scientific presentation will enhance the value. We assist the authors to improve the content and write with better focus.

2. Translation Services

Our team will provide English translation of other language documents. If you provide a document in any language our team will provide both perfect and effective translation in English

3. Format and templates

We will enable you to prepare a document in any required format and template. We also provide you the latex template.

4. Figures, Graphs, and Tables

With the use of sophisticated software, we provide a perfect graph generating service.

For your requirements and quotes, you can mail us to edprocess at dline.info

Collaborative Partner

Institute of Electronic and Information Technology (IEIT)

Collaborative Partner

Collaborative Partner