Proceedings of The Second International Conference on Science & Technology Metrics (STMet 2020),  2021. (ISBN: 978-93-5593-298-2)

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Editors: Pit Pichappan, Amir Reza Asnafi




1. Terminological Analysis of Publications as a Method of Research Trends in Science Mokhnacheva Yu.V., Tsvetkova V. A. 1-5


2. A Parametric Review of Bibliometric Studies Related to COVID-19 Prashant Kumar Sinha, Kanu Chakraborty, Subhranshubhusan, Shiva Shankar Mahato 6-24


3. Metric Evaluation in Structural Analysis of Ontologies based on Information Quantum Maziar Amirhosseini 25-30


4. The Influence of Blockchain Technology on Digital Evolution Samaneh Borji and Mohammadjavad Ashtari 31-40


5. Scholarly Communications across the Globe: Practices and Enrichment of Learning Shiva Kanaujia Sukula, Shipra Awasthi 41-47


6. A Bibliometric Analysis of Dengue Fever Publications in Malaysia (1981 -2017) Yanti-Idaya A.M.K, Nordiana A.K.S, Noorhidawati A., Mike Thelwall 48-61


7. Improvisation of Web Contents in Indian Agricultural University Library’ Websites: Analysis and Suggestion Sur Chandra Singha and Manoj Kumar Verma 62-67


8. Russian contribution to research on virology: bibliometrics analysis, 2000-2019 on Web of Science Valentina Markusova, Anna Zolotova, Alexander Libkind 68-75


9. Angle,A New Indicator For Scientific Evaluation: Case Study of Quantity and Qualify On Iiees Publications Maryam PakdamanNaeini, Amir Reza Asnafi 76-79


10. Assessment of Scientific Production of Payamnoor University Social Sciences Based on Scientometrics and Altmetrics indicators during 2010-2021 Anusheh Andisheh Tadbir, Amir Reza Asnafi and Ali Biranvand 80-86


11. Visual Analysis of Pandemic Disease literature in Global Health perspective: A Scientometric study Ashish Kumar Ahirwal, Suresh Balutagi 87-98


12. Optimizers in Deep Learning: An Imperative Study and Analysis Ajeet K. Jain,  PVRD Prasad Rao ,  K. Venkatesh Sharma  99-106


13. Mapping of the Early Trends of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) using PubMed Literature Kutty Kumar 107-114


14. Knowledge Graph Management Platforms: A Feature Based Review - Prashant Kumar Sinha, Sourav Debnath, Kanu Chakraborty, Sagar Bhimrao Gajbe 115-137


15. An Altmetric Analysis of Scholarly Publications from Earth and Planetary Science Discipline: An Exploratory Study of Indian Publications Amit Nath, Sibsankar Jana 138-145


16. The Effect of Altmetrics Indices on the Scientometric Scores of the Most Prolific Authors in the Field of Environment Ali Biranvand, Zohreh Cheraghi 146-147


17. Research Quality of Tumkur University Publications: An analysis B Raviivvenkata, Subhash Reddy 148-155


18. Metric Evaluation in Structural Analysis of Ontologies based on Information Quantum Maziar Amirhosseini 156-161

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